Money Story– Nobody told us

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readJul 5, 2021

This article will be a lesson on financial literacy taught through a story that even toddlers can understand. Turn on your imagination, turn off logic, and read ahead.


Suppose you live on an island surrounded by the ocean. This island has 1 waterfall for clean drinkable water, many banana trees for food, and a cave for shelter. You were born on this island and have been living here ever since.

One day, you see another island some distance from your own island. This island has potato and wheat crops and of course banana trees for food. You have 2 waterfalls and A stream of chocolate syrup to drink and a treehouse for shelter. You feel that this island is better than your current island and decide to transport to that island.

You create a boat, keep a pedal to row the boat, 10 different shaped rocks for entertainment and food, and water for travel. You use the boat and pedal against the waves for 5 days to reach the better island. You lived happily till you saw an even better island.

Hidden meanings from this story

Lessons from the story

· There will always be a better island to go to. It is up to you when you wish to stop and settle at the island you are at.

· Some people keep hopping island, Not enjoying any island they live on.

· Whereas Some people keep living on a miserable island, Suffering their lack of action.

· If you want to go faster — Increase assets (replace pedal by motorboat) and decrease liabilities (take different leaves for entertainment)


This article is meant to help you understand finances. This is the bare minimum knowledge everyone must possess. I will dive deeper into Money based on the response to this article.



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