Giving Compliments is Hard — Let’s make it easy

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readJun 25, 2021


A 1000 people see a post, 100 people benefit from it, 10 think about complimenting and then 1 person likes the post. Why are we so frugal with sweet words?

Why we don’t give compliments?

· Complements trigger our own insecurities.

· We don’t see the need for it.

· You feel like a stalker.

· They challenge the power dynamics — You feel inferior

· It might come across as flattery

Please clear all these misconceptions because Everyone enjoys praise and it should be freely given. People who praise others actually are in a position of power and are respected more in the community.

What will you get back by Complimenting?

· Short Term: They will remember you

· Short Term: They would complement you back

· Short Term: It causes introspection for self-improvement

· Long Term: It builds better professional and personal relationships

· Long Term: You appear approachable and get opportunities

· Long Term: Almost Everybody likes you

How to give genuine impactful compliments?

· Be specific about what quality about them is being complemented

· Use Simple words

· Speak what you genuinely feel.

· Be unique and authentic

That’s it. These 4 points will make you a compliment champion.

One last reason to give compliments

“You become the reason for someone’s happiness “

Dear Reader,

You are a patient person who has a genuine drive for self-improvement and You are making efforts for the same.

I wish you all the very best.

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