Never Get Bored again

Aayu Kharbanda
1 min readJun 19, 2021

I have deliberately composed an extremely lucid 12-line article to address, explore and eradicate boredom.

Our Brain minimizes the effort needed to survive by spending energy only on things it considers important.

To judge the importance of things, it has appointed a Data Scientist called Mr. AI.

He uses the knowledge gained directly or indirectly to label things as predictable and unpredictable.

In short, Mr. AI judges everything by its cover to save energy for its boss the Brain.

Our Brain deciphers Mr. AI’s report as follows

· Unpredictable → Important →Interesting

· Predictable →Not Important → Boring!!

The reason why everything is so Boring is that Mr.AI is an overconfident individual.

He brags about his wisdom by labeling most things as predictable. Making them boring to you.

Unfortunately, we can’t fire Mr. AI as He has been a valuable employee since our cave man-days.

What we have to do is break his overconfidence by proving him wrong. How to do it?

It’s Easy — Do things that Mr.AI labels as predictable and find something unpredictable from it.



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