Assigning Adjectives — One trick to avoid it

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readJun 26, 2021

We subconsciously give labels (or adjectives) to people, places, animals, and things based on our past experience with them. For example — This person is arrogant, this subject is difficult, I am Ugly.

This article will tell you why we do it and how to control it using one simple trick.

Do you remember the first time you met a new person?

Did you take some time to understand them fully — Right?

Maybe you became friends and you created an image of them

Basically, you assigned them adjectives

For instance, you would say He is funny, adventurous, clumsy, and quick-tempered.

After this adjective assignment is done, we are very easy going around them. Because we have labeled them.

So, if you know them so well, why do you have fights?

Answer — Because our adjectives are imperfect. An ‘adventurous’ person might be scared of sky diving. A ‘quick tempered’ person might be calm around pets.


Even though we have evolved this subconscious system of assigning adjectives the process is not error-free. These adjectives are imperfect. This happens because people and their moods change. Things and their conditions change and so on.


To resolve all your issues simply add two words to your sentence — “right now”

He is adventurous right now. She is Ugly right now. Physics is tough right now.

This gives you the room to accommodate any inconsistency in behavior. You will be fine when they act differently from their labels.

Once you get the gist of this solution you can use other words as well.

For example, He was cowardly today, she is funny mostly, Physics is tough in particular chapters, etc.

This conscious habit of adding words to the generalized sentence created by our brain. Can change your life completely. Try it today!

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