Money can buy happiness — If you know where to shop

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readJul 9, 2021


Rich people say ‘Money can’t buy Happiness’ then why do we all spend at least 40 hours this week earning money or learning to earn money.
This article shows you three stores to buy happiness.

What Money can buy?

Money can only buy two things — time and effort.

· You can buy time by delegating your task in exchange for money

For ex. We don’t grow our food (saving time) by giving money to farmers.

· You can buy the effort needed to get something you like.

For ex. You can hire a mason to build your house using his skills and effort.

So how to buy Happiness?

We can buy Happiness by exchanging it for the time and effort we bought.

Where are the stores for this exchange?

Happiness has 3 stores — that sell happiness at different prices

· The expensive store: Materials

One can find happiness in Materials they own but this deal is the costliest.

For ex. Buying a new phone, owning a car or a house etc.

· The fair price store: People

One can get a good deal of happiness if they try to find it in other people.

For ex. Spending time with family and friends, helping strangers, etc.

· The Hidden store: Yourself

This is the cheapest store for happiness but it is really hard to find. But when found it frees you from the money trap.

For ex. Doing things you love, Spending time with nature, etc.

Why do people say Money can’t buy Happiness?

There can be three reasons

· They only know the expensive materials store

· They keep collecting Money but not buy happiness with it

· Their capacity to store happiness is used up

Each person is a vessel that can store a limited amount of Happiness in themselves

How to store more happiness than your capacity?

If your vessel is filled up then you have to get other vessels to store happiness.

So, to store more happiness you must distribute happiness to other people.



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