How to Power Nap?

What is Power Nap?

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readSep 13, 2021

Some days can be exhausting such that you find it hard to complete the day in one go. Taking a power Nap in the middle of the day can boost your productivity for the second half. Here’s how you can do it

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Power Napping

Duration — 30 min

Set a Timer for 30 minutes in your phone and begin the routine

1. Stretch your body to relax tensed muscles (roughly 3–5 minutes)

You don’t have to keep track of time while stretching. Focus on the muscles that have been stationary for a long duration. The common set includes — Lower Back, Shoulders, Neck. Thigh and Wrist muscles.

2. Try to Sleep (for remaining time)

You don’t have to sleep rather try to sleep. This will include relaxation of your senses i.e., closing your eyes, reducing noise, not eating anything, avoiding pungent odors and reducing physical touch. Basically, just lie down on bed and relax yourself. Don’t think about any responsibility or deadlines.

If you find it hard to do step 2. Try this instead.

Benefits of Power Nap

· Rejuvenation of Senses

All are senses are always hyper active. Putting our guard down while napping can relax them for some time.

· Brain Reboot

Just like a computer reboot takes some time, so does brain reboot. A freshly started brain without any baggage from pre-nap day will be more creative and efficient in work.

· Healthy Body

Keeping the muscles in same position for too long can lead to long term diseases. Stretching for 3–5 minutes can keep the blood flowing to all parts of the body which will help you stay healthy.

Final Piece of Advice

Power Nap is not a replacement for usual sleep, it is meant to support you on days you are feeling drained of energy. Don’t make it a daily habit else it’s benefits will reduce.



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