Meditation Didn’t work for me — But this did

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readJun 30, 2021


Sitting cross-legged, being thoughtless, be oblivious, Focusing on Breath — I couldn’t do even one of them. But I found a way to get all the benefits of meditation in an easy way and this article is about it.

Our brain only does 3 things: -

· Remembering information

· Recording Information

· Processing Information

Meditation aims to stop all of them by focusing on something you already know and don’t need to process. (For example Breathing, God, Chakras, etc.). But it is hard to do, So I found a solution.

I invented a thing called ‘silent — ohming ‘. Here’s how you can do it:-

1. Get comfortable physically

No need to sit cross-legged or in some yoga mudra. Sit in a comfortable position or lie down on your bed or whatever you find easy.

2. Turn off Noise and Turn on ‘Ohm’

Sit in a place that has the least outside noise, turn on your headphones and play Ohm chanting or any white noise music on loop

For example – (Ohm) (Rain) (Instrumental Music)

3. Turn Off Video — In short close your eyes (Go in Dark Mode)

4. Focus on the sound in the white noise and try to hymn that sound inside your head

You don’t have to produce any sound with your vocal cords just follow the music with the voice inside your head (the one you use to talk to yourself)

5. Try to ease your breathing as you get lost in the music.

Congratulations, you just practiced ‘Silent Ohming ‘

Some of the Many Benefits:-

· Reduces Stress

· Reduces Negative Emotions

· Increases patience and tolerance

· Increases imagination and creativity

· Makes you more self-aware

Closing Remarks

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