How to Memorise Something?

Do you have difficulty remembering names, formulas, deadlines, dates, etc.?This article has the approach to boost your memory which benefited me.

How does Memory work?

Our brain considers something important to be memorized based on the following 4 factors

1. Last Recall — How much time has passed since you last recalled it?

2. Duration of Impact — How much time did the event last?

3. Size of Impact — Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual impact?

4. Number of recalls — How many times have you recalled it till now?

How to Boost Memory?

1. Write it down

Writing an idea increases the duration and size of the impact.

2. Regular Repeated Recalls (RRR)

RRR will decrease the last recall and will increase the number of recalls.

3. Speak out loud

Teaching, Discussing and Talking about the idea you are trying to memorize.

4. Change the format of the idea

We have different memorizing abilities for different things.

For example — We can memorize the periodic table of elements by this song.

5. Take Breaks and Be patient

Memory is developed by consistency, it is not a sprint rather a marathon.



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