How to forget something?

We forget a lot of things but not the ones we wish to forget. This article will tell you why you are currently unable to forget and how you can forget.

How does Memory work?

Our brain considers something important to be memorized based on the following 4 factors

1. Last Recall — How much time has passed since you last recalled it?

2. Duration of Impact — How much time did the event last?

3. Size of Impact — How much effect — emotionally, physically,and spiritually?

4. Number of recalls — How many times have you recalled it till now?

Why you can’t forget?

When you wish to forget something, you do a mistake by recalling it again. This decreases the Last Recall and Increases the Number of Recalls.

The things we are trying to forget are generally high impact — having longer duration and larger size. This makes it even harder to forget them.

How to forget?

1. Accept the memory completely

You have to memorize it completely and accept everything that happened. This will cost you one extra recall but it will reduce further recalls

2. Replace the trigger response

If something makes you recall the memory then associate a new response to the trigger.

For ex. If a song makes you recall someone, then learn to dance to that song. That way you associate the song with dance instead of the person.

3. Be patient

Forgetting takes time, be calm and use the above two points.



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