How to find your true self?

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readJul 12, 2021


In our life, we play many roles — a son, a husband, a father, a friend, a student, a mentor, an employee, etc. Which of these is real i.e. your true self? This article will help you find yourself.

How does our identity change?

You are like water which molds itself based on the vessel (surroundings) it is kept inside. Water is your true self, and your vessel's shape is just a form of your identity (your role).

We shape our identity based on the people, place, animal, or thing around us. The people also include ourselves. We can change our identity based on our perception of ourselves.

Change your perception to change you.

Mirror Mirror on the wall

You are your true self when you are away from all judgments of the world including your own. This happens when you are in your secluded comfort zone which in most cases is the bathroom. The bathroom mirror is the only witness to your true self.

For example

If you flex your muscles in the bathroom mirror, you are self-confident whereas if you are constantly adjusting your hair and face, you are deeply concerned about your looks.


In all your roles there is one thing common i.e. you. This is your true self. You can ask the mirror about your true self and you will get the answer.

Once you have found your true self (the water), you will be able to

· Identify the reason for comfort in certain vessels (surroundings) and discomfort in others.

· Understand your strengths and weakness

· Acknowledge and embrace your emotions and feelings

· Accept yourself in the truest form



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