Love — Over Simplified

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readJul 4, 2021

Love is an emotion that is over complicated by the songs, movies, books, and articles about love. This article will simplify love for you and will answer all your love-related questions in under 2 minutes.

What is love?

Love — Thinking about someone causes the release of happy chemicals in the brain.

These chemicals make you feel happy, relaxed, and bonded to your beloved.

Can we love more than one person?

Yes. Any person, animal, or thing can be loved. All it needs is the release of happy chemicals.

Can we measure love?

We can estimate it by the happiness, relaxation, and bonding we feel when we are thinking about our beloved. It is possible to love one thing more than another.

Whatever release more chemicals -> More Love

Why love makes us possessive?

Just like any drug addict, we start to depend on our beloved for the release of happy chemicals. This makes us try to keep our beloved always around us and protected.

Can we fall out of love?

Yes. The initial high of happy chemicals is the largest but gradually our mind gets habitual of it and loves slowly depletes. The duration of love depends on your initial amount of happy chemicals.

Can love last for a lifetime?

Yes. If we keep finding new things in our beloved and repeatedly fall in love with them. We can increase the duration of love beyond human life.

Is Love caused by Lust?

No. Love and Lust are different emotions that have different chemical releases. Though it is possible to Love and Lust the same entity.

Does Love need a relationship?

Since Love is an internal process, you can trigger it by yourself. You don’t need the beloved to be around you (Long Distance Relationships), to know about it (One-Sided Love), or even be real (Loving our dead ones).

How to feel loved all the time?

It is possible to trigger your happy emotions without any beloved. This is practiced by many yogis and monks. Once you become independent for your love, you live a life of bliss.

How to tell if you love someone?

Thinking about that person will make you happy, relaxed and you feel a bond with them.


The moment you understand that love is just a release of happy chemicals in your brain. All your questions will be self-answered.

These happy chemicals include — Oxytocin, Dopamine and Endorphin ( known as Angel’s Cocktail)



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