Why do bad things happen to good people?

Why me? Why do I suffer so much? Is life unfair?

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readJul 24, 2021

I did nothing wrong still something bad happened to you. Why me?

Here are comforting lies and uncomforting truths to deal with this question

Comforting Lies

Here is a list of Lies that will help you cope up with the scenario

· God is testing you by putting you through though difficult situations

· Life is suffering.

· Karma will take care of the wrongdoer.

· You are unlucky

· You are living sins of your past life

· Bad things make you stronger

Uncomforting Truths

Some hard to swallow truths that show you the reality

· Everyone thinks they are good

As the heroes of our life, we justify our actions ( even bad ones )

Do you have the humility to accept that you are a bad person at times?

· Bad things have to happen

1 in 226 people will get cancer, 415 people will die in road accidents in India.

Many bad things are out of our control and depend on our surroundings.

Someone must suffer, will that be you? — time will tell

· We make things worse

A flat tire during travel is a bad thing but getting angry makes it even worse.

· Not all bad things happen to you

Many people around us are suffering and we survived all that suffering.

Doesn’t it mean something good happened to us?

· Stupidity of Self Harm

By wrong decisions, we invite bad things to us.


Bad things will happen in your life.

You can live through them by comforting lies


You can respond better and plan to avoid them. You must count the good things that happen to you and the bad things you did.



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