What leads to Social Media Depression and How to handle it?

This article will answer why you might be finding Social Media overwhelming or Depressing. Don’t Worry! It will not ask you to quit all social media and live like a monk. It will teach you how to live with it.

The Problem

· Everyone is getting promotions, the college admits and new jobs on LinkedIn

· Everyone is so pretty and with perfect life on Instagram

· Everyone is so wise and a great writer on Blogger/Medium

· Everyone is getting so many Likes, Comments, Shares, Hearts, Claps, etc.

Everyone Except you

The Cause

The Solution

Step 2: If you want similar success — start asking How?

Ask them directly or reverse engineer their success path. Learn from them!

You will have a different path than theirs but you can use their process as a working prototype.

Step 3: If you don’t want similar success but you fancy theirs — Enjoy

Don’t compare your life to your ‘social media star’ — just enjoy their stardom. It is possible for you to be happy seeing someone else being more successful than you.

Step 4: Use social media for what it is meant to be

Social Media is meant to build better relationships among people irrespective of where they are located physically.

Step 5: Stop Valuing yourself with the Likes you get

If 100 people liked your post (in their mind),10 will hit the like button, and 1 will comment a compliment. So stop thinking that you are only worth 10 likes and 1 comment.


An ambitious 22 year old trying to disrupt education industry.

An ambitious 22 year old trying to disrupt education industry.