Three Steps of Learning

How to learn anything?

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readSep 14, 2021

Learning is an integral part of life. From the 3-year-old kid till a 63-year-old doctor, all are learning something or the other to improve their selves. There are 3 steps to learning anything and here’s how you can follow them.

Steps of Learning

Step #1: Synchronize

In this step, you gain the information already present out there. You learn what the world already knows. Some examples for adults and kids are as follows:

Kids: Learning how addition and subtraction works, how letters look like in a language etc.

Adults: Learning the definitions of keywords, Learning the existing theories, etc.

Step #2: Simplify

Most people confuse Step 1 as learning, whereas it is just part of it. After Step 1 you have the foundation. You simplify this foundation into your own words using your own vision. Some examples for adults and kids are as follows:

Kids: Letter A reminds them of Apple, addition is linked to getting chocolates, etc.

Adults: Earth is like a magnet and humans are like iron nails stuck to it

Step #3: Synthesize

We used the raw material of Step 1 to create a building material in Step 2 and Step 3 is all about building something. You have to apply the simplified information you have attained to do something. Some examples for adults and kids are as follows:

Kids: Narrating the Alphabets to their parents, telling how many fingers they have, etc.

Adults: Calculating at what speed they must drive to travel 60 km in 45 minutes.


Information and Knowledge are two very different things. If you can google anything then you are well informed not knowledgeable. Knowing the information is only Step 1 of Learning. If you want to learn something and be good at it follow the 3 S Approach — Synchronize, Simplify and Synthesize.



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