There are no heroes

Hero-worship in India

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readSep 29, 2021

We all try to find heroes in movies, comic books, folk stories, mythologies, ancient scriptures, and real life. India is filled with Hero worshipers and It is detrimental to the growth of the country. This article will stop you from finding heroes.

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The concept of a Hero includes the following

· Rare to find in the real world

· Perfect in Moral Values

· Perfect in all Actions

People even do it for Bollywood and Hollywood actors who play the roles of heroes in the movies. People take these normal people as Heroes.


Nothing and No one can be a Hero because to be a Hero, it has to be Hero for everyone at every point in time.

For example — If you think an Olympian Gold Medallist is a Hero, you try to see other aspects of his life as well. Are his beliefs about feminism ideal? How are his Acting skills? Is he Modest or not?


· Why do we want to put the weight of all ideal traits onto a single Hero?

· Do you think the World can agree upon one common Hero?

· Are the expectations from this Hero even realistic?

Case Studies

· Mid Age Indian Women considering TV serial protagonist as Hero

· Young Indian Men considering a Bollywood Movie rowdy as Hero

· Young Kids considering Disney characters as Heroes

Call to Action

Please stop labeling things and people as Heroes because there are no Heroes. These things and people are just good at some things they do and we should only look at their positives. No one can be ideal in all possible areas.

Look at the good in every person and everything. Learn and take inspiration from them but don’t put these onto a pedestal.


There are No Heroes and there never will be. Focus on Heroic traits and appreciate them. Stop asking a politician to be stylish, A actor to be saintly, A businessman to be Humble, etc. Don’t find Heroes outside, Try to acknowledge and build Heroic traits within yourself.



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