The Timetable that works — Pt.2 (Micros)

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readJun 28, 2021


This article is part 2 of the article above. In this article, I will subdivide the Macros into Micros and Help you arrange them in your 24 hr day.

The tasks within a macro can be of 5 types of Micros

Please note — No category can be subdivided. They are in the smallest category possible respectively.

Task — Fit all Micros in a 24hr day

How most people do it?

They randomly put micros into the jar and fill it up to brim without putting everything in. Hence failing in time management.

The Right Way to do it?

One must plan their day in advance (in the morning or in the night before).

You must evenly space out the micros based on size. Starting with the largest.

Benefits of this approach

· You won’t be drained by work — Spaced out Big tasks.

· You won’t miss the most important tasks — They’re placed first.

· You will utilize every minute of the day — No time wastage

· You will become productivity ninja — Since you control your 24hr

Final Tip — Trouble Shooting

In case you go off track, you can get back on track by sacrificing low-priority activities.

Developing the habit of macro and micro planning might need some weeks.

Please be patient and consistent and you will turn into ‘Dr. Strange ‘ from the MCU and control time like magic.

Part 3-

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