The Timetable that works — Pt.1 (Macros)

Aayu Kharbanda
3 min readJun 27, 2021

100% of people have created a timetable on a sheet of paper followed it for 1 week and then relapsed. This article is a part of 3 article series in which I will help you create a timetable that works.

Theme of this article — Understanding the macros

Just like a human needs proteins, carbohydrates, and fats as three macronutrients of their daily diet. We also have macros for our daily time allotment.

5 Time macros — Balanced Diet Budget for 24 hr day every day of week

Just like, we can alter balance diet macros based on personal body goals until a minimum level. You can adjust the time macros based on your life goals till their minimum time but please don’t do it more often.

Key points about each macro

Me time — Macro for Mental Stability

We are depressed on weekdays because we skip Me time and we are in guilt on weekends because we overdo Me time. Live these hours for yourself so you have no regrets even if you die tomorrow If you like playing games then do. If you like to paint then do it, if you like to write then do it, and so on.

Creating Value — Macro for Fulfilling life

When you create value, you feel needed which leads to a fulfilling life. There are many ways to create value. It can work at a job, experimenting with your skillset, trying out new things, building a startup/product of your own, creating content, teaching, mentoring, etc.

Learning — Macro for Growth

Your ability to create value depends on what you already have — your skills, knowledge, and resources. To keep creating value you need to stay a student for life.

Social and Personal Responsibilities — Macro for Survival

Humans are social animals and We need good relationships with our fellow humans to survive and thrive. Secondly, we also need time for personal care. Not to be confused with Me time — as this one includes mundane things like — Brushing teeth, Eating Food, Bathing, etc.

Sleep — Macro for Rejuvenating

If you want to do the above macros while not looking like a walking zombie, please for god’s sake Get good sleep of at least 6 hours.

Part 2 -

Closing Remarks

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