The Timetable that works — Pt.3 (Sweet and Sour)

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readJun 29, 2021

Now that you understand the macros (Part 1 )and micros and have an idea about ordering them (Part 2). This final article will help you to implement.

Micros and Macros are of two types —

· Sour — The ones that consume energy to be done

· Sweet — The ones that make you more energetic

Example: Macro Distribution of Sour and Sweet division for me.

Example: Micro-level Sour and Sweet division for me.

Sweet — Writing my articles, taking a bath, listening to songs, playing games

Sour — Coding for my job, practicing questions, Editing my articles.

Doing Too many sour tasks in a cluster can drain your energy.

Trick — Mix up the sour and sweets during the day to get everything done.

Using the trick to do 11.25 hr of sour work done in 16 hours of awake time.

Summary of the 3 articles:-

1. Under your 5 macros and set your Budgets

2. Divide your macros into micros and order them by size

3. Mix energy giving and energy taking activities throughout the day.


In these articles, I shared my secrets for time management that I use daily.

These frameworks are only to get you started, feel free to customize them.

The app I use for my time management — Sectograph on Playstore.

Closing Remarks

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