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Mind-Body Isolation

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readSep 30, 2021

There are certain occasions in our day when our brain is at its best. It is this time when you get the most creative ideas and solutions to difficult problems. This article will increase your control to consciously reach this state.

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Mind-Body Isolation

In this state, your mind and body are completely detached. All your senses go almost numb and your focus is sky-high. Do you remember the deep shower thoughts, the zoning out while staring at a blank wall, and the ideas you get while brushing your teeth? These are the instances of Mind-Body Isolation.

How to achieve it?

To achieve Mind-Body Isolation, you must do something that makes your body go into auto-pilot. You must be in your safe zone and you don’t care about anything going on in this world. The method to achieve it is different for different people but here are some things that is common in all methods:

1. Doing a repetitive and easy action for ex. Bathing, Brushing, Walking, Working out, etc.

2. Safe and Comfortable surroundings for ex. Park, Bedroom, Toilet, etc.

3. No care for time. You should not care how much time it takes.


It takes a lot of practice to master control of this state. To go in and out of this state voluntarily. The Benefits of this state are worth the efforts.

· Full Brain potential used

· Creativity Boosted

· Access to Deeper through the process


If you are able to get in this state while you are working/studying, you will have an unfair advantage over all other humans. This is the state of sheer focus that is depicted in movies, shows, and books.

This is how it feels. Your Mind floats over your physical body.



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