Suicides for seconds

You have committed it more than once

Around 400 people committed suicide in India every day in 2019. But these are the people who got the opportunity, the willpower, and the resources to suicide. This article will broaden your definition of suicide.

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Suicide: a thought

- I can’t face the reality and would be better off not being alive

Even though you haven’t tried to end your life, there would have been instances when you just wanted to escape reality.

Did you numb your senses by intoxications?

Did you oversleep so that you don’t have to face things?

Did you feel that your life has no point?

Although, People won’t call it suicide, such thoughts of escapism are indeed Short-lived suicides. Because you killed your reality for some time of nothingness.

Suicide Prevention

· Find a selfish reason to wake up

· Learn to Handle Pressure

· Save Others

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