Studying is Hard let’s make it easier

How to study? Why is studying difficult? How to study daily?

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readJul 21, 2021

We all know we have things we wish to learn to grow in our life. Nevertheless, we are unable to study. Studying is hard not just for you but for everyone. This article explains why studying is difficult and how to make it easier?

Why studying is difficult?

Our basic instinct understands 4 things — Food, Water, Shelter, and pleasure.

Since most of us are privileged enough to have all 4 things. Our brain doesn’t feel the need to do anything more except relishing the 4 things.

Studying works on delayed uncertain gratification . The wait and uncertainty of our target make it even harder to study today.

How to make it easier?

1. Visualization — Topper’s Trick

Visualization gives you pleasure today from an expected success in the future. This works as self-motivation till the goal is realized.

For example: Imagine being a doctor while studying for MBBS.

2. Rewards for the Early Human

Reward studying by higher quality food, water, shelter, or pleasure.

For example: Having a cupcake after finishing one chapter of study.

3. Compliment over Criticism

Share your plans with others and get compliments on your progress. Any form of Hate and Criticism is harmful in long run. Give yourself compliments too.

4. Creating Habit

Habit is something that happens automatically without much thought. Creating a study routine will make studying easier each passing day.

5. Sugarcoating

Mix the difficult parts of the study with the easier ones.

For example English story — Math questions — English story (If math is hard)



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