Stop: The Quest for Best

How to get the Best? Is having the Best necessary?

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readAug 9, 2021

Are you looking for the best job? the best degree? the best partner? The best life? This article requests you to stop seeking the best in everything in life. Read ahead for the 3 reasons behind this request

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Reasons to stop chasing the Best

1. Is Best really Best?

Reflect on your past and you will find many examples where what you considered to be the Best wasn’t the Best for you. Your definition of Best can be incorrect.

2. Best is hard to get

Another common trait about Best is that it is mostly hard to get. We link the difficulty to get something as its value and keep putting immense effort into it.

3. Getting Best takes time

The time you are spending chasing the Best, you are forgoing to live your ‘not Best’ option. We spend so much time chasing Rank 1 that we forget to enjoy our Rank 10.

Bottomline — We are unsure if Best is Best and yet will keep putting our time and efforts into getting the Best instead of enjoying what we have.

Real-Life Examples

· Not doing well at your job because it is not the best company in the world

· Not studying well in your college because it is not the best college in the country

· Not loving your partner because they aren’t the most good looking

· Not appreciating your resources such as mobile phones, laptops, food because they aren’t the best money can buy.

Still, want the Best?

Ask– Are you the Best? Are you the best lover? the best student? the best employee?

Focus on becoming the Best you and the right things will come to you.


Many things we have may not be the best but they are good enough for us and we must relish them instead of constantly looking for a better option.

In few cases where you only need the Best, then become the Best and it will come to you.

Sometimes, it is Best to not have the Best



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