Speak up to be Heard —Solved

This article addresses , explains, and solves the issue forever

Ummm I was saying… I mean… Can you..?? — — — — — Forget it , It’s nothing

Forget it, it’s nothing !!

In this world where everyone is trying to be politically correct and trying not to offend anyone, we forget to express our feelings, our expectations, our problems, and our boundaries.

Allow me to remind you of the fact that others can’t read your mind. If you don’t express your discomfort, they will assume that you are okay with it and will walk over you.

A build-up of such silences will explode one day and then it would look as if you overreacted to a minor inconvenience further multiplying your troubles.

Your reluctance to voice your concerns becomes your problem. It leads to an unsatisfied inner self because you are acting against your real feelings, expectations, or boundaries. The outer self won’t be any better since you will be trying to do things that make you uncomfortable which may end up with incomplete actions.

This inability to speak for oneself is a big reason behind

So, I request the reader to stand expressing the things inside them — at their workplace, at their home, with their partner, and everywhere else. There are some suggestions for you: -

Citizens fought colonizers for centuries to get the freedom of speech against the government, please don’t take days to exercise this freedom in your life.

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