Speak up to be Heard —Solved

Ummm I was saying… I mean… Can you..?? — — — — — Forget it , It’s nothing
  • Toxic Relationships and Marriages
  • Undiscovered Sexual Harassment Cases
  • Burdensome Friendships
  • Boss — Employee Expectation mismatch
  • Family quarrels
  1. Be patient — Give people time to accept the new you
  2. Be polite — Don’t under-estimate the power of a calm sweet tone
  3. Be direct — Don’t change your statement (assuming you are completely honest about them)
  4. Be considerate — In reply to your demands they will give reasons — evaluate them fairly
  5. Be ready — If the conditions are unacceptable, be ready to take needed action



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Aayu Kharbanda

Aayu Kharbanda

An ambitious guy trying to disrupt education industry.