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Smartphone Hacks

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readOct 2, 2021

Almost everyone owns at least one smartphone now. Most probably you are reading this article on your smartphone. This article will make you smarter than your smartphone and help you control your life.

Hacks to be Smarter

· To-do list

Put a daily to-do checklist on the main screen of your phone.This will help you complete your daily goals and prioritize tasks

· Phone Clean Day

This is a dreadful day when you have to delete all useless photos and apps from your phone. Fix a day of your week when you will clean your phone. This is essential for your mental health in long run.

· App Bundles

Put similar Apps inside a folder. For example — Facebook, Instagram in social media, Gmail and Outlook in Email Folder, and so on. This will help you find your apps faster. This is a small investment to save a lot of time.

· Disable Extra features

Disable the features that looked fancy when you bought the phone but you never use them. Minimalism while using your phone can go a long way. Keep it simple.

· Greyscale (Extreme Cases)

Overserve your daily and weekly screen time from the device wellbeing section. If you are on your phone for more than 60% of your waking time then you must take action to reduce it. If that is not possible then turn on greyscale mode on your phone this will turn off colors making your phone black and white.

· Night Mode and Low Brightness

Do your eyes a favor and reduce the brightness and turn on night mode to reduce the blue light emitted from your screen.


It is possible that you are hearing all these pieces of advice for the 100th time. This article is just a gentle reminder to take charge of your life and not let a piece of tech control your life. Your phone is a tool for learning, entertainment, and connecting with people. Make sure you are using it for the right purpose. You should be doing what you want to do not what the app/phone manufacturers want you to do.



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