Small Ideas Big Benefits

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readOct 6, 2021


This article is a collection of many small ideas that can completely change your life. Read ahead for quick life hacks.

Concept #1: Ikigai

Stick this image at your table, define your passion, profession, mission and vocation and try to find your Ikigai. Just knowing what your Ikigai will set you for success.

Please spend at least 5 minutes on the photo

Concept #2: Work station

Setting a place only for work is essential. When you do so, your mind relates that place to work. This place should be only devoted to working/studying. No eating nor sleeping is allowed at this place. If you can’t find a unique place, then add a unique element. For example — A lamp that is turned on when you are studying etc.

Concept #3 Note -taking

When you write something on pen and paper you are much more focused and your brain retains the information better. Writing Pros and Cons will help in decisions. Writing steps for a solution can help you solve a problem and writing random ideas can help you be more creative. There is nothing like writing on a piece of paper.

Concept #4: Collaborate

As a human, your biggest strength is your relationship with other humans. Learn the art of delegation, collaboration, and communication. A high Emotional Quotient is a foundation for all this. Being in charge of your emotions will put you amongst the top 0.1% of people who can do the same.

Concept #5: Self-Confidence

Stick “I can do it” on your mirror or any other quote that will boost your self-belief. Quit the need for motivation and use your inner fire to drive your engine for action. Love yourself and speak up for your needs. Have a growth mindset and only consider your yesterday’s self as your competition.



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