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How to not be fooled by businesses?

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readSep 24, 2021

This article has collected small case studies of businesses selling particular items that are behind their success. If the reader wants to make a successful business, then selling one or more of these items can make a major change.

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What to sell?

· Hope

Kaun Banega Crore (Indian version of who wants to be a Millionaire) is a big success in India because it sells the hope that an average individual can earn 7 Crore by answering 14 questions.

· Status

Apple is the highest valued phone manufacturing company that is able to sell phones with notch design in 2021. They are able to do so because their publicly known high price tags make them a status symbol for the audience that can’t afford it.

· Happiness

Every food or beverage product — Burgers, Pizza, Biscuits, Soft Drinks, Chips, etc. Doesn’t sell you calories they sell you happiness. Buyers associate a feeling of happiness after eating or drinking the product.

· Success

Every educational institute sells success. They try to associate education with the money you can make and the amazing career prospects. Why should you do this course? — Because you will get a good job. They do so because selling knowledge is harder than selling success.

· Acceptance

Every cosmetic product is selling social and personal acceptance. So many Indians color their hair black only for social validation because the natural color of your hair has no real impact on your life.

What to do?

All the successful companies sell emotions, not their products. If you sell a product you have a limit and you have to keep innovating but once you start packaging emotion the opportunities are endless. Before buying anything shake off the emotion and take a logical decision to save a lot of money.

You have read this article but others haven’t, so use the emotions of your audience to sell them your products and make Millions.



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