Reading Books is Overhyped

What to do if I can’t read books? I am unable to read books

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readJul 28, 2021

Everyone around us from Entrepreneurs to Entertainers wants us to read books. According to a study, only 1/3rd of the world's population read books. If you are in the 2/3rd, this is how you can achieve more than book readers

Proven Benefits of Book Reading

1. Gives Information

Reading a book on a topic will give you detailed information about the same. But to get the knowledge you need to process the information multiple times.

2. Builds Mental Stamina

Reading Books is among the least less stimulating works. So, your persistence in reading makes you mentally strong.

3. Increases Language Proficiency

Reading a book in a language increases your proficiency till the level of complexity of writing in that book.

4. Tires Brain

Book reading tires your brain which aids in reducing stress, better sleep, etc.

Better Alternatives

· Information — Book Summaries

Post reading a complete book, a person can only retain as much as the book summary. We can read only the summary and spend more time reflecting.

· Language Proficiency — Articles, Essays and Newspaper

Unlike books with fixed levels of diffculty, we can choose Content based on our existing knowledge of the language.

· Mental Stamina — Articles, Essays, and Newspaper

Unlike Books, you can start with easier content and move towards harder.

· Tires Brain — Don’t need anything

Tiring the Brain is easy today. To reduce stress and to sleep better we must calm our brain by meditation or by my technique here.


It’s okay if you can’t read books, you can still do a lot to be equally if not more successful than book readers

Even if you are a book reader, you can optimize your growth by trying out new ways outside book reading.



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