Raksha: Protect

Do only girls need Raksha? The essence of Raksha Bandhan?

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readAug 22, 2021

Today on 22nd August 2021, India is celebrating Raksha Bandhan. In this festival typically sisters tie a string (called Raksha Sutra) on the wrists of their brothers. This article wishes to extend this definition .

The Concept

Raksha Bandhan — A bond of protection.

In the 21st century , it’s not just the sisters who need protection from raiders. The definition of this festival deserves an upgrade . Here’s one version

· Raksha Manasa (Protect Humanity)

Let’s promise to protect humanity and be protected by fellow humans. Protecting Humanity means ensuring the wellbeing of other humans.

This will stop sexual harassment, physical violence, and emotional sabotage irrespective of gender or relationship with the other person.

· Raksha Vatavarana (Protect Nature)

Protecting Nature is long-term insurance for the well-being of humans. We have to cut trees, kill animals for food, and use natural resources to progress but we can do so in a sustainable manner to preserve the ecosystem

Call to Action

Let’s tie a virtual raksha sutra to everyone who have protected us in the past. Let’s also vow to protect the ones in need irrespective of their gender/relation


Do we need to be related to a girl to protect her?

Can’t sisters protect their brothers?

Shouldn’t we appreciate other people who protect us ? Parents ? Soldiers?

Who will protect the people who don’t have a brother ?

Do we need a day to be reminded of our basic duties ?

Raksha — Protecting the ones who need protection

Personal Anecdote

This Raksha Bandhan, I ( a man) tied a rakhi to his mother who has always protected me from the vices of the world.



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