Rain — A lesson taught every year

Every year numerous tiny water droplets fall from the sky to our land. This Phenomenon teaches us the lesson about Different Perspectives about the same thing. This article explains the point of view about rain and how it varies widely among people and what this teaches us.

Photo by reza shayestehpour on Unsplash

Some Perspectives of Rain

Rain, Earthy smell, and the cool breeze can be calming to you

Rain might make you miss your lost loved ones.

Rain might make you feel like dancing and singing.

The mud caused by the rain can be disgusting to some people

Rain brings hope to the dying crops of many farmers

Rain might induce fear of flooding and damage to you

Rain is able to seduce many people, promoting physical intimacy

You might be angry at rain for ruining your weekend plans

Being trapped in a shade alone to protect yourself from rain

And so on.


I hope while reading the points you felt each of the emotions of the rain and understood that the same rain can have very different effects on a person based on their perspective. Moreover,

· A person can have a different perspective about the same thing based on their mood, resources, and physical condition

· Different people bring in different ways of looking at something which increases the possibilities. Hence, teamwork wins.

· It is possible to change your perspective about something if you are able to look at it from someone else’s point of view.


Rain reminds us of this lesson on perspective every year, still many people feel that their perspective about something is the only possible or only important perspective. We must be accepting of the perspective of different people and try to be more flexible about our perspectives.



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