Quick Test for Foolishness

Are you stupid? Are you foolish? Can you listen?

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readAug 18, 2021

You can’t judge everything in 5 minutes but you can surely tell if the person is a fool using this simple test. A person may have a lot of information on a certain subject and still not be wise. Read ahead to get wiser and not be a fool

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The most common trait among all the stupid people in this world is their inability to listen to different perspectives. Here Listening includes not just hearing but understanding and processing the words spoken.

Why is listening so hard?

· Mentally taxing

When you are speaking, you are simply filtering and converting what is inside your head to speech. Whereas when you are listening, you are processing what someone is saying, inferring things out of it, storing the Important information, and restraining the thoughts inside your own head.

· Unavailable Desire to Learn

You don’t learn from every conversation you are part of. One needs to stay alert and maintain the desire to learn to find the occasion to learn from the speaker in the conversation.

· Conflict of thoughts

The perspective of the speaker is mostly different than the person listening. Hence, one has to be impartial and understand the thoughts of the speaker in their own unique way. One can always choose what perspective to follow after the conversation is over.

· False Power Dynamics

Perceived Power dynamics suggest that the person talking is the leader while those who listen and follow are his disciples. One needs to overcome this perceived notion and be humble to be able to listen to someone else.


The most crucial part of communication skills is the ability to listen. If you don’t have this ability your communications skills are incomplete. Listening is difficult hence only wise people can do it correctly. When you start observing and listening to the world you get much wiser every day.

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