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Aayu Kharbanda
3 min readJun 21, 2021

This article teaches you to make use of music to take control of your mood.

A certain song, a certain note, or even certain lyrics can bring back a lot of memories that flood our brains. The easiest to pinpoint are: -

1. The Dance song — This is the Dance number that always gets you to dance

2. The Love song — The song that makes you feel in love.

3. The Breakup song — The song that makes you feel heartbroken.

4. The Introspection song — The song that calms you down and makes you just relish the moment

5. The rejuvenate song — The song that pumps you up with energy to run, to work out, to fight

6. The mourning song — The song that simply makes you sad about losing someone to death

The list can go on.

I know I was able to play at least one song inside your brain radio just by stating the lines above.

Music is a way to freeze a moment in our brain forever. It has the ability to store the way you were feeling, what you were hearing, what you were seeing, what you were doing etc at that moment. This information has an immense effect on our mood, it can lighten up our mood or make us gloomy.

A 6MB song can trigger GBs of data rewind in your head.

Now is the time to create a lifehack out of this power of Music.

We will be creating playlists for each occasion. These playlists will become our magic potion in times of need.

A mechanism to consciously control and change our mood.

Create the following playlists

· Feeling Nervous — Add songs that boost your morale

· Feeling sleepy — Add songs that make you want to shake a leg

· Feeling Lonely — Add songs about self-love and inspiration

· Feeling Happy — Add anything except the break-up and mourn songs

· Feeling Ugly — Add songs that make you feel attractive, sexy, hot, cute, and whatnot

And many more.

There is no one else in this world who can create them for you. No Artificial Intelligence has access to your memories. Only You can create this magic potion for yourself as only you know the ingredients.

Creating these playlists will be a one-time investment that will pay dividends in the toughest of moments.

I believe in music because it has power to change “– Abigail Washburn

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