People love to hate themselves

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Allow me to demonstrate

· In 24 hours, day, how can’t you find even 30 minutes for your family?

· Your family invested so much money into your education why can’t you study honestly?

· People are dying of hunger and you keep nagging about the food at home?

· Why can’t you love a country that does so much for you?

· Why don’t you work out regularly to take care of the only body you will ever get?

· Why don’t you do anything for the environment?

· Why didn’t you help that person when they asked for it ?

· Why don’t you help the people in need via charities and NGOs?

· Why aren’t you serious about your job/marriage?

· Why do you lie so much? Why are you so lazy? Why are you so dumb?

And so on. You might have dodged a few of them but your heart would have definitely felt the pain after you read the rest.

The Fact is, you can say these to anybody and they will feel bad about themselves. The extent of this self-loath can depend on the person, but it always happens.

How the world uses it against you

Let me give you the recipe for such questions

1. Take something that is considered good in the society

For example — Loving your family, Being Honest, Helping the needy, Taking care of the environment, etc.

2. Add a seemingly easy action

For example — 30 min of time, 1% of your income, etc.

3. Blame the person for in action

Mix the above two and criticize someone for not doing it.

This methodology is used heavily in marketing, politics, coaching, and even by your loved ones.


Not doing something good, doesn’t mean you did bad

Take control over your life and the reasons behind your actions and inactions.

For example –

You give more than 30 minutes to your family but you didn’t track it hence you felt guilty.

Lying, Being Lazy, and Being Dumb on occasions are part of human nature. We can always improve but there is no need to feel bad about ourselves.

Paying more tuition fees can only get you a better teacher, it doesn’t make the chapters easy.




An ambitious 22 year old trying to disrupt education industry.

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Aayu Kharbanda

Aayu Kharbanda

An ambitious 22 year old trying to disrupt education industry.

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