Parents aren’t always right

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readAug 27, 2021

This is not the article you show to your parents and tell them they are wrong. Rather it is the article that will help you to understand your parents better.

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Let’s assume you have a pet that has a special talent for jumping through hoops. There is a challenge to jump hoops that are on fire with a large prize.

· Will, you Take part in the challenge tomorrow? — High Risk

· Will, you Practice more and then attempt to get the prize? — Moderate Risk

· Will you Avoid the competition altogether ?— Low Risk

Even though it is possible your pet can succeed tomorrow you will still go with option 2 or 3 to minimize risk.

Congratulations! You just felt like a parent.

Parents — Risk Minimization in long term

Parents attach their feelings, financial investment, and social status to their children. This happens without their conscious control and they need to protect their investments and emotions.

Children — Benefit Maximization in short term

Self-belief, High appetite for Risk, Lesser investment into parents, or Ambitiousness motivate the children to do something more than what is bounded by risk.

Call to Action

Parents are more experienced and hence more capable to look at the larger impact of things whereas children are aware of the latest possibilities in the world. Here is what one can do as a child to create the balance

· Hear their fears

Listen to the fears your parents have and understand the big picture for the future. This will help you fit in your interests and desires in the big picture of your parents.

· Educate about new things

You have to patiently teach your parents about things that are now a reality in the modern world and how it is different from the times they were your age.

· Plan and adjust

Your parents want to reduce the pain whereas you want to maximize the pleasures. Both the parties have to adjust and go through multiple plans to find a middle ground.


In this infinite world, the people who will always be with you are your family. Putting efforts to find a common ground towards which all the family members work is crucial for the success and happiness of the entire family.

Parents aren’t always right, Because nobody is



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