Overcome Nervousness

How to not get Nervous? How to stay calm?

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readAug 10, 2021

Everyone has moments in their life when they feel nervous. Asking someone on a date, interviewing for a job, or Performing on the stage in front of a large audience. This article gives the way to handle nervousness.

Never get nervous again

Nervousness is a form of fear. It is the fear of failure and the consequences of failure. Follow the following 4 steps in the given order to reduce/eliminate nervousness.

1. Visualize/Practice the situation

Performing the nervousness-inducing action in your mind or reality will make you more comfortable when the situation arises.

For example — If exams make you nervous, Give more mock exams

2. Undermine the Failure

Fear of Failure is the cause of nervousness. If you repeat to yourself that failure is not such a big deal, you will reduce the fear.

For example — Failing to get the job after an interview is not a big deal, many companies await your application

3. Acknowledge Nervousness and add Positivity

Just saying your feelings out loud can significantly reduce nervousness.

For example , I feel nervous while asking a girl on a date because I fear she might reject me. But I will accept rejection over the anticipation.

4. Fake it till you make it

To reduce the fear of failure, induce the happiness of success. Enter the moment believing that you will succeed.

For example, saying to yourself that you are the best among all the students taking the exam and if you can’t solve a question, no one else can.

Additional Hack — A relaxed body relaxes your mind.

Deep Breathing, stretching exercise, Yoga and walking can reduce nervousness


Overcoming Nervousness -same as the process to overcome any fear — includes:-

· You visualize/experience the situation to be ready

· You undermine the fear to weaken it

· You are honest and optimistic and

· You use over-confidence in the final moments to get the additional boost.



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