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Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readAug 19, 2021

A single small change in life can amplify your success manifold. This step will push you among the top 1% of the people born after 1990. To know the secret trick to improve yourself read ahead.

One change — Stop Sleep-time Smartphone Scroll

If you quit the Midnight Mobile Muse, you will be better than 99% of the people. Reasons to support this claim: -

1. Social Media Stimulation

The content on social media is meant to grab the attention of your brain making it difficult to fall asleep after you turn off the screen. Inadequate sleep reduces your productivity and creativity on the following day.

2. Escapism

Many people use their time with their smartphones as an escape from the harsh realities around them. This traps you into a cycle of escapism and you are always avoiding the reality which leads to social anxiety, lack of concentration, and long term depression

3. Brightness Intolerance

Screentime at night changes the adaptability of the human eye to brightness, making it difficult for us to face bright light. This forces us to stay indoors during the daytime because sunlight seems too bright.

Habit Replacement

The Time between going to bed and actually sleeping is quite “boring” for the highly stimulated population. Here are some replacements to the habit of smartphone scroll.

Common theme — Close your eyes when in bed, do less stimulating activity and have better sleep

I. Podcasts –Increases wisdom

II. Music — Uplifts mood

III. Talking to someone — Clears Overthinking

IV. Meditating while lying — Calms emotions

V. Introspecting — Clears self-doubts


A simple change to replace the habit of smartphone scroll with less stimulating options will change your life drastically. Try 21 days challenge and respond to this article with your experience.

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