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Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readAug 17, 2021

Most of our daily problems fall under a unique category. This is a choice we are presented with every day. The solution we give for these problems can have a major impact on our lives.

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The Question: Renew vs Repair

Should I progress in my current job or should I find a new one?

Should I make amends in my relationship or should I break up and find a new one?

Should I make do with a faulty device or should I buy a new one?

Should I continue with an unsatisfactory education or should I change my stream?

And so on.

Why it is hard to Renew?

We develop attachment and feel a sense of comfort with the things we already possess. This makes it difficult to let go. Renewals have a major initial expense.

Why it is hard to Repair?

Repairs may not last long enough. Repairs may also not be as good as a Renewal.

Logical Solution

1. Find Repair Costs over your remaining life

If you keep repairing how much will it cost in terms of money, efforts, lack of comfort, emotions, etc.

For example — A bad marriage may cost you 50 years of sorrow.

2. Find Renewal Cost over your remaining life

If you renew it and get over the existing thing, how much will it cost you?

For example — breaking up a 4-year toxic relationship may lead to 2 years of major sorrow but finding a better partner will ensure that rest of your life is without sorrow.

Please Note: You can have your own definition of Repair and Renewal Cost based on your problem at hand.

3. Compare the costs

Compare which of the two will cost you less and will change your life for the better.


This solution is a wake-up call to evaluate the choices in terms of costs (including emotional cost) while being logical. Since you are estimating the future costs, you might be wrong the first time but you will get better at estimation, and with each decision you will ensure a better future.



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