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Why you should read Newspaper?

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readSep 22, 2021

Over 1 lakh publishers print over 3 million newspaper copies of newspaper every single day for over 4.5 million people of India. There is a lot to these bundles of the printed paper that meets the eye. Read ahead to find how the newspaper benefits its readers.

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· It makes readers Richer

Staying updated with stock market news, country economics, global events, and industry trends can help you earn a lot of money through stock market investing, finding better jobs, doing in-demand gigs, and a lot more.

· It helps readers to hold conversations

The easiest conversation starter or conversation theme is general affairs. You can engage anyone in a fruitful conversation if you find the current affair that is relevant to them. Talk about Ed-tech trends with an ed-tech CEO, petroleum prices with a petrol pump owner, or even horoscopes with believers and you will always be a good company for others.

· It strengthens language skills

The command over language can make or break your career prospects. Reading newspapers in your target language can improve your hold over the language manifold. You will find new words, new idioms, new phrases, understand the structure of sentences and get an intuition for grammar without ever going to a dedicated class.

· It develops the habit of reading

As digital media is growing, people are losing the habit of reading. Everyone wants a video or at least an audio to gain their precious attention. Reading feels dull to many people.

Dear reader, think how fast and how much you learned by just reading my article for 2 minutes. No other mode of content can give you better returns on time spent.

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A 4-rupee newspaper can help you become richer, sociable, improve language and develop a rare habit.

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