Networking 101: How to get favors

Step 1: GET: Give Expectation-less-ly Today

This is the crucial step that most people forget. A good network starts from Giving first.

Step 2: Help them to help you

This step of networking is internal. You must be clear and precise about the favor you need. A vague request having open-ended questions can add to the work the other person has to do to help you.

Step 3: Ask small first

It is experimentally proven that once you have done a small favor for someone you become more likely to do bigger favor for them. So, try to ask for a small favor before asking for big ones.

Step 4: Remind

It is possible that the person forgets about your request because they are busy with their own engagements. You must be patient but you must also remind them politely about the request. Because it is you who has to worry about the deadlines, not them.

Step 5: Grateful and Stay Connected

Missing this step is the reason people’s network decays with time. Once we get the favor, we forget to be grateful and we lose touch with the person.




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Aayu Kharbanda

Aayu Kharbanda

An ambitious guy trying to disrupt education industry.