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Teacher’s Day Special

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readSep 5, 2021

This is a lesson I learned in my sixth grade from a phrase my maths teacher used to say very often. This line has stuck with me and I have found myself using it to motivate myself and others.

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The Catch Phrase

“Even a broken clock shows current time twice a day”

Take a minute to realize this is practically true.

What does it mean?

It means no matter how bad the times are, no matter how bad you have been falling, you will succeed one day only if you stay patient.

If you give the clock of life, it’s due time, even a broken life will show the right time.

More Learnings from him

He was an inspirational figure for me in my school. Apart from his catchphrase, I learned the following from him: -

· Never Punish

He never punished his students, He only told them what they did and the consequences. This made us choose the right thing ourselves. Since we were the ones making the decision, we abide by our own rules.

· Learn Random stuff

He used to teach us mathematics and yet was keenly studying history, geography, and politics. He had no exam to prepare for, no need to study new things, still, he learned it. What impact did learning History have on the life of a mathematics teacher? — He started seeing patterns of success and failure, He had stories to tell in every conversation and He could hold a debate on any topic.

· Take yourself lightly

He looked like a Bollywood celebrity — Salman Khan and we used to sing the popular song from the celeb’s movie — Hud Hud Dabang, every time he did something. He could have been mad at us or scold us for our jokes but he chose to smile and enjoy the stardom.


My teacher taught me much more than Maths. If you observe inspirational people around you, you will find many opportunities to learn.

This Teacher’s Day, let’s find new teachers and recognize the old ones.



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