Money Printing Story

Different stories

Poor People

Gareeb is a daily wage worker. He got to know about this money printing law later than most of the world. He tried to create a note with his hand. It took him 7 days to paint and dry 2000 rupees note. His earning around 300 rupees per day of hard work

Middle-class People

Aaam is an employee in a government-run money printing company. He prints money using a man-powered press that prints 10,000 notes per month. Half of these notes go to the owner the rest is split amongst 100 employees like him . Hence he gets 50 notes per month.

Rich People

Ameer is an owner of 5 money printing presses where he uses high-tech machinery to print 1 Crore notes per month per factory. He keeps 30% of the notes to himself and uses the rest for expenses.


Ambani is the supplier of ink for all the printing presses in the country. He takes 10% of the earnings of every printing press. After all expenses, He earns 3400 Crore per day.


· You can always convert hard work to money (Gareeb)


Even if printing money was possible, the rich would still be rich, and the poor still be poor. This advantage that the rich have over the poor makes the poor and middle class hate rich people. No matter where you are you can always move towards more passive income. Making money by hard work alone will keep you Gareeb or Aaam.



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