Mental Stamina- a superpower

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readJun 20, 2021

This article will handhold in the process of building your mental stamina

We see a decline in our ability to do things that feel tiring to our brain and have no immediate rewards. I call these things Muts (as in Mental Nuts because they are hard to crack and can make you go nuts)

Our Mental Stamina is the time duration for which we can keep cracking these Muts.

Having a high Mental Stamina (think Elon Musk) will give you an unfair advantage over all other individuals. A high Mental Stamina will become the superpower needed by a productive superhero.

We would prefer a life of ease where there are no Muts. Alas, they are inevitable. We have to do hard things in which We have to suffer mental pain for long-term gain.

Some daily Muts include: -

· Learning, Unlearning, and Relearning.

· Doing a monotonous task.

· Practicing something that you are not good at.

In short, we need Mental Stamina to crack more Muts and I give you a method to build it.

Step 1: Quantifying Mental Stamina

I will use the same terminology that is used in bodybuilding

· Sets — How many different sittings did you do in a day where you endured mental hardship?

· Reps — How many minutes could you truly focus on the task in that sitting?

· Volume — How much total time from all the sittings in a day?

Step 2: Monitoring Mental Stamina

Let’s start with today

How many hours in a day can you do something that is Mentally Hard? — 0.5 hrs,2hrs, 8hr, 16hr?

I want you to keep that as your starting point and start a daily exercise to mark your progress on a graph like this

Now you have quantified your mental stamina and have built a system to track it.

Step 3: Staying Honest, Consistent and Enjoy the process

You must honestly mark the mental stamina for a day.

I know it is hard, but you have to mark it daily and stay consistent

Trust the process. It will give you incredible results

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