Men vs Women

This article will look at the 3 most common strengths of men vs women. This should help you understand both genders better.


1. Time Management

Most women under the age of 35, have around 4 days of periods per month. If we assume that women are at 50% efficiency on these 4 days then women have 2 fewer days per month which means only 11 months a year.

2. Perseverance

Almost every woman faces catcalling in her streets and has to cross hungry eyes even in public spaces. Women have less social freedom than Men. Despite all the hurdles they go on with their life. Their consistent battles with the world make them emotionally strong.

3. Emotional Intelligence

Women have more freedom to express and discuss emotions. Their monthly battles with emotional fluctuations during periods build their command over emotions.


1. Focus

The limited understanding and freedom of expression of emotions make men oblivious to the turmoil going on inside them. This helps them to stay focused in most troubling situations.

2. Physical Strength

The male body is genetically designed to hold more muscle and have bigger bones. This makes men the physically stronger gender.

3. Logic

The greater involvement of men in mathematical or decision-making matters makes them better at general logic. Deductive Reasoning is the backbone of male argument because that’s how they are raised to understand the world.

Please Note

It is possible that a woman has more physical strength than a man and a man has greater EQ than a woman. The above observations are for the general population.

Who is better?

I don’t know but I do know who is worst, it is the person trying to judge both the genders using the same parameters. The one thinking that it is unfair that there are more males in the tech field or more females in the nursing field.

Call to Action

Instead of crying about the disadvantages each gender gets from the society they live in, they should focus on the strengths they build up based on their individual challenges and build a better society for the future.

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