Lonely vs Alone vs Solo

Are you lonely? Are you alone? Are you solo?

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readSep 19, 2021

The dictionary will say that the three words mean the same but the ideas they represent are completely different. This article will tell the difference, help you identify your state, and help you deal with it.

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3 Definitions

Lonely: You are without anyone else and you wish someone was with you

Alone: You are without anyone else but you are capable of handling the situation without them

Solo: You are without anyone else and you chose to be solo.



It is a sad state where you feel incomplete in your own presence and needs someone else to complete you. This is the state of vulnerability.


This is a hyper-attentive state where you are acting with your survivor instincts and trying to navigate the situations without any help. In this state, you are complete in yourself but would have preferred if you had someone else. This is a state of resilience.


This is a calm state where you chose to be by yourself. You feel that the best way to do something is with just you doing it. This is a state of self-confidence.

Call to Action

No state is better than the other and it is not easy to switch states because of the emotional impact of each state (Lonely, Alone, and Solo). Here are some questions to help you lead by logic instead of by emotion:

Can I get someone else for the task at hand? Or Do I need someone else for the task at hand?

· If the answer is No to any of them, then put your head down and focus on getting the task done.

· If you answered two Yes, then do the easier between the two efforts

1. Finding the right person to help you and then teamworking

2. Doing the job by yourself


You will be Lonely, Active, and Solo many times in your life. These 3 states have a major emotional component; hence you have to accept your condition as it is and focus on completing the task by asking the right questions.



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