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Life Lessons from Batman.

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readAug 30, 2021

What is common between Batman from DC Universe and Black Widow from Marvel Universe? Both are superheroes, both love black and Both have no superpowers. So how come they considered superheroes without any superhuman abilities?

What Makes Batman Special?

· Brave

Batman enters a fight against Kryptonian supervillains armed with a gun and some nifty throwable weapons. He knows that he is most likely to die in the battle and still decides to go on. This proves he is the bravest superhero.

· Planner

Batman was able to make Superman bleed in the movie Batman vs Superman. He could win this one-sided fight because he planned for every move of his opponent.

· Leader

Team Justice League consists of Daughter of Zeus (Wonder Woman), Shape-Shifting Alien ( Martian ), an over-powered super being (Super Man),a man who runs faster than light ( Flash), and Batman. Guess who’s the Leader? — Batman. Why? Because he knows how to keep the team together.

· Giver

Of All the superheroes, Batman has the easiest life in the real world. He is a billionaire and has all the comforts at his disposal. His choice of using his resources for others and forgoing his comforts makes him a unique hero. He could have hired someone to be the batman but he chose to bear the wars himself and risk his own life.

Call to Action

Let’s be Brave and seize the opportunity we have. Sometimes Risk is necessary for Reward .

Let’s plan ahead for the problems we are facing and problems we may face.

Let’s learn to work in teams because most major things happen in teams.

Finally , Let’s learn to give. Everyone wants to get something first in a relationship. Let’s build our relationships by being the first giver.


Batman is a fictional comic book character, but we can learn a lot about his values. If you imbibe the 4 values of Batman, you will be no less than a superhero.



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