Keep your word to Keep your value

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readJun 23, 2021


Many times we claim that we would do something in a certain way by a certain time. But when the time to live up to our claim comes, we fumble. We either forget to do it, we do it late or we do it incorrectly.

Despite this failure, We say to ourselves — It’s Okay …… Chalta Hai ….. So What?…It wasn’t in my control…Oops I forgot

Let’s understand The Damage Not keeping your word causes

When you give your word to someone or yourself it creates an expectation for the result. When you underdeliver this expectation is shattered. The pain caused by shattering depends on the size of the expectation. This pain is called disappointment.

For example, Not keeping your word that you would be loyal to your partner will break someone’s heart. Whereas not keeping your word that you will wake up early the next morning will be like a slight discomfort to your heart.

In short, “Not Keeping your word will cause pain to the expectant”

Consequences of Disappointing others:

Humans are smart individuals they don’t repeat things that caused them pain. So, they would stop trusting your words. They will stop creating expectations based on your promises. Finally, they will stop believing what you say. In short, you lose their: -

· trust

· respect for you

· importance to your words and opinions

Consequences of Disappointing oneself:

This one is WORSE.

Not keeping your word to yourself is like a slow poison that will have uncurable destruction to your inner self.

You lose the same things as above but this time it’s your trust, your respect, and your importance.

Let’s see what each of these losses translate to


Your value in public and private = Trust + Respect + Importance

Not Keeping your word is depreciating your value rapidly. And conversely, when you begin to keep your word diligently you successfully increase value.

So my advice is — “Keep your word, it defines you “



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