Is your Job / Education worth it?

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readJul 10, 2021

We spend our time, money, and effort to get a good education/job and then keep spending more to pursue it. How do you know if it is worth it?

This article will help you evaluate your education and career choices

Non-Monetary Evaluation

Any course, degree, certification, project, internship, job, or training must give you these three things

The Three C’s

· Credibility

It must be recognized and respected by other people during your future endeavors — employers, college admission committee, investors, etc.

· Competency

It must increase your skillset and knowledge. Making you more capable and valuable than you were before doing it.

· Companions

It must put you around successful, motivated and talented individuals. Your prospects of growth are impacted by the people you are surrounded by.

Monetary Evaluation

There are multiple ways to evaluate the 4th C i.e., Cost of job/education. I am sharing three of them

· Savings Percentage

The impact the job/education has on your savings in percentage.

For ex. What percentage of your saving is the salary of the job / the fees of the education?

· Opportunity Cost

When you do something, you choose not to do something else. This thing that you couldn’t do falls under opportunity cost.

For ex. Doing an MBA means you won’t be earning a salary for 2 years

· Returns on Investment (ROI)

How much extra money can you earn by doing the job/education?

For ex. Doing a job at Google would earn you an immense hike when you switch companies, The after Salary to Fees ratio for any education


Before you spend your time, money, and effort on any education/job please use the 3 + 1 C framework to evaluate it.

If you deduce that it is not worth it then don’t waste anything on it and If it is worth it then keep doing it while evaluating parallel paths for a better deal.



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