Introspection vs Overthinking

Two common ways to reflect on yourself — introspection and overthinking. One of them is used by all wise men for a better understanding of self and the other is linked to depression, sadness, regret, guilt, and loneliness. This article will help you differentiate one from the other.

The Brain Library

Overthinking — Reading familiar books over and over

· Limited information

· Can’t solve most problems

· Waste of time and brainpower

Introspection — Using Library guide to find the right book

· Difficult reading new books

· Unlimited information

· Can solve most problems

· Worth the time and brainpower

3 steps for introspection

1. Identify what you are looking for

2. Find the right books

3. Read the books

Completion of Introspection — Action (use your conclusions to test them)

Example of Introspection

Reading — Remembering how happy I was when I used to write essays in school and when I studied English literature in college.

Conclusion — I like to write and share my thoughts.

Action — Writing Blogs.

Example of Overthinking

An ambitious 22 year old trying to disrupt education industry.