Identify Right Content

How to avoid poor quality content?

99.99999999 % of the content on the internet is not relevant to you and you shouldn’t waste time banging your head to make use of it. In the information era, the content consumer should never adjust to content quality.

Photo by Adem AY on Unsplash

Content Check

So, after you have completed watching/listening/reading the content just Ask yourself

“Am I more entertained/knowledgeable after consuming the content”

Please Note: You have to ask it after consuming it. Because it is easy to entertain or give knowledge while you are consuming it but all that matters is what you take away from it. If you are the same as you were before consuming it then it was wasteful content.

This is the reason why I consider — social media scrolling as wasteful content because you are mostly worse off than before.

Call to Action


· Can you watch this content while standing?

· Are you consuming content because it is good or because it is popular?

· Is the content size, right? Does it feel overly dragged?

· Do you look forward to new content?

· Are you able to recall parts of the content long after you have consumed it?


This is the reason why I work hard on my content and never take my audience for granted.