How to impress someone?

Impress your crush, boss, interviewer, etc. How to not disappoint? What is the extent of trying to Impress?

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readJul 25, 2021

Like it or not we have to impress certain people and certain times .

Presenting the last thing you need to read on this most googled topic.

The only way to impress

You can only impress someone by doing something better than their expectation.

The impact of impression depends on how much better you were.

For example:

· If your partner expects one rose, give them a bouquet

· If your boss expects work to be done by Friday, complete it by Wednesday

· If an interviewer expects 3 skills, show that you possess those 3 and 2 more.

· If you want to impress a girl, do something she isn’t expecting

Impressing: Double-edged sword

You can get a competitive advantage by impressing someone but if you do it regularly the expectations keep on increasing which will require more effort to meet the expectations and even more effort to impress them.

Right Balance

Understand what exactly someone expects from you.

Impress people occasionally and maintain the expectations over time.

Consistency in meeting expectations is an easier way to impress someone.

How to not Disappoint someone?

You disappoint someone when you do worse than the expectations

2 common scenarios in which you disappoint someone

· Impressing too much might increase the expectations beyond your ability

· Underestimating someone’s expectations


Know the person you are trying to impress or trying not to disappoint.

Understanding their expectations will help you act in a way to benefit you.

Constantly trying to impress someone is a recipe for chaos. Avoid at all costs.



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