How to develop sixth sense?

What is sixth sense? How to have a sixth sense?

Aayu Kharbanda
2 min readJul 29, 2021

We all know the 5 senses — sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch. There is one more sense that you can develop which will make you better than a person with only 5 senses.

What is the sixth sense?

When you are in a situation you can tell 5 things about the environment based on your 5 senses. What if you can tell one additional thing about the people in the environment? This special ability is the sixth sense.

Sixth sense — Your ability to predict the actions of a person by reading their emotions, body language, and previous encounters.

Personal Story

As a kid, I had the habit of thumb sucking while sleeping. It looks cute but it is not good for your teeth and your oral hygiene. So, my parents wanted me to stop it. At night I would turn away from my mom and would silently get back to my bad habit. Despite having her back to me, my mom would know what I was doing and would ask me to stop. I didn’t understand her sixth sense then but I know now.

How to develop Sixth Sense?

1. Step into their place and look at their point of view

2. Learn about body language cues for signs of joy, anger, nervousness, etc.

3. Observe a pattern in their behaviors

Women and Sixth Sense

Women have been using this sixth sense for years because of their remarkable ability to understand the emotions of someone else.

Their alertness to observe body language and remember behavioral patterns have only gotten better over time.

This is not true for all women but the evaluation has made this true for most women. Even the 5 basic senses of women perform better than those of men.


Unlike the 5 primary senses, the sixth sense is a muscle that gets better by conscious practice. So go out there and try to understand your fellow humans.

As developed, you will feel the superpower of this 6th sense helping you daily.



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